Trust, Integrity & the commitment to excellence.

One of the rules of medicine is “to first do no harm.” The Hippocratic Oath also upholds the physician’s to regard his mentor as equally dear to his/her parents.

As taught by his mentor, the first characteristic of the physician is the ability to get to know the patients. In order to know our patients, we have to understand the “Gift of Time“. Our interactions with our patients average around 25-30 minutes with the first encounter up to an hour or longer. We believe that in order to understand the patient’s physical sense of well being, we need to put in the time to understand our patient’s living situation and social support structure. We were taught that this is how trust and respect is earned.

Dr. Phan practices integrative medicine with a special interest on the applied science of longevity. He was trained in Internal Medicine and Geriatric care at Johns Hopkins Medical School. It was there where the commitment to excellence was ingrained into our DNA and has remained our motto as of today.

Dr. Phan’s interest in preventative medicine and longevity medicine lead him to participate in a third fellowship through the Academy of Anti-Aging. Dr. Phan knows that integrity and respect is earned, never given freely, and our entire staff will strive to show you the utmost professionalism, confidentiality and respect. Dr. Phan would like to extend a thank you to Dr. William Greenough a world-renowned physician who has taught him all about medicine; but much more about life and the journey it entails.






Our Team

Anthony Phan M.D.