Not all PRP is the same and our “Commitment to Excellence” in providing to the best for our patients.

Platelet Rich Plasma ( PRP ) is one the tools that we are using in regenerative medicine. Using the patient’s blood, autologous platelets are concentrated in a centrifuge after two spins. The key in getting optimal result, the collection of pure concentrated platelets, is in the type of centrifuge. We use Emcyte, a company that is the world leader in PRP technology. In a 2016 study, PRP products from five centrifuged-based platforms were evaluated. The result of this landmark study showed that Emcyte had the highest platelet recovery at 80% with the highest  platelet concentration factor (6.6 times baseline) of the five systems tested. The second best had a yield of 62 % while the rest of the systems had result of less than 35 %.

Science based studies showing the benefits of PRP treatments:

  1. Hair growth
  2. Tissue healing : Tendons, ligaments, and muscles
  3. Reduction of pain and inflammation caused by chronic condition such as degenerative arthritis.

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