My family has been a patient for over 20 years. Dr. Phan is simply the best! Most caring and knowledgeable Dr I have known. Proud to call him a friend!

Jennifer Macias / Yelp

He has saved my mom many times. If it weren’t for him, my mom would have not made it. She was misdiagnosed twice different occasion by other doctors and emergency room physicians. Dr Phan with his correct diagnoses was able to bring her health back to normal. He is amazing not only because he is…

Alexandra / Simi Valley, CA

Dr. Phan is the most amazing Doctor I have ever met in my life! He is so educated on immunity and really cares about the Doctor/Patient Confidentiality. He is firm on his stance of the Hippocratic Oath to First – Do no harm. His life story is nothing short of amazing and I really wish there were…

Anonymous / Laguna Niguel, CA

Viewed your VAXXED interview on You Tube last evening (3/1/17), and I felt that I must comment. What an amazing, tender hearted, and thoughtful Doctor you are. I so wish I lived near your practice; I would choose you in a heartbeat. Thank you for your dedication to the ideals that you believe in.

Carolyn / Hollister, CA

Thank you! You’ll never know how much it mean that you care. You are brave and a honorable man. Amazing doctor. THANK YOU!?????

Anonymous / Detroit, MI

I have been going to Dr Phan for 10 years. He is an outstanding doctor. He listens and cares about the people he treats.

Mamma Llama & the littles / Yelp

I just saw a interview with Dr.Phan and I want to say I am amazed , proud and happy that we still have a true and honest doctors like him! Please move to Florida !!!!!!

Andrew Garcia / Simi Valley, CA

He is the most knowledgeable doctor I know. He is always researching and keeping up to date with any new research or findings by the researchers. I love how he takes almost an hour to consult with you and take care of you as his patient.

Anna Eckstein

I am not a patient, but listening to an interview of this Doctor made me find him to give him a great review. He is smart, intelligent and caring. I would trust him as a doctor. The world needs more people in the medical field like him that care about the people instead of how much money they can make.

Alex / Yelp

A doctor who listens, who ares, who works with in depth knowledge and his heart. I have been a patient of Dr. Phan for close to 10 years, and so has my husband. He has changed our lives, our health, and has provided us immeasurable and priceless knowledge on being proactive with our health. A true answer to prayer!

S G / Simi Valley, CA